Existing for a hundred years

Aroma has witnessed that respecting nature is the only way to improve everyone’s quality of life and wellbeing.


We believe that development does not have to bring destruction. That is why our mission is to provide the best and innovative cosmetic products, fully in line with the highest requirements of environmental protection and saving of energy and water.

Environmental Focus

More clean energy

5.5% of the total used electricity comes from renewable energy sources (own photovoltaic installation)

Environmental Focus

Less emissions

Thanks to integrated production process with lower environmental impact, usage of natural gas and low CO2 emissions vehicles

Environmental Focus

less water waste

Thanks to integrated multiple water cycle and automated system for cleaning the technological equipment

Environmental Focus


25% less electricity in the production process thanks to the modern and high-effective manufacturing equipment

Environmental Focus

More clean air

Aroma has “adopted” 5.2 hectares of ancient forest to prevent deforestation

Environmental Focus


Low cellulose cartons and fully recyclable packaging are used for our products.