Performance & Production


Aroma finalized its new manufacturing facility offering state of the art technology and quality assurance. After a year of development, Aroma is a symbol of tender care, shared values and high responsibility to people.


Aroma is one of the oldest Bulgarian companies with traditions in the manufacturing of cosmetic products. We combine the advantage of our 90-year experience in the cosmetic industry with the employment of modern technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. Our products are sold in 56 countries on five continents.

High quality

All products are created by our highly-qualified specialists and are the result of years of scientific research and thorough scientific analysis. Our product development process complies with strict technological standards including preliminary marketing research, microbiological control, laboratory analysis, independent expert advice and consumer tests.


In 2012 Aroma built a new production facility which meets all International requirements for the manufacture of cosmetic products. Every year the technical base is updated with newer and more modern technology. Aroma strictly follows the Good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards for product manufacturing, testing, storage, handling and distribution, to ensure that each step of manufacturing is acceptable for the quality and safety of the product.

Modern solutions

The modern equipment in the workshops and laboratories, the remarkable scientific and human resources, enable us to offer products with natural ingredients and guarantee stable quality, meeting the highest world standards.

Оur Clients

Оur Clients

We produce and sell branded and private label products to more than 30 countries in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, North and Latin America